Ray D

Good Morning Doctor
I wish to commend you on your anti snoring device.

It has

  • virtually stopped me snoring. In turn, there are no more sore throats the next day
  • I never wake myself from snoring
  • I don’t have to worry about waking others, when out camping in the bush
  • I have more energy the next day, because of increased oxygen intake, and less awake time
  • My wife sleeps better because she does not have to listen to me snoring

It is an excellent product and I am continually advising mates to obtain one.

Well done

Ghita B

I must thank you for the unbelievable snore appliance that you fitted me with.

When I visited my family and grandchildren overseas, I always was too embarrassed to sleep in the same room as my grandkids due to their complaints about my noisy snoring keeping them up.

However, since I have had the oral appliance fitted, it is a pleasure as everyone sleeps peacefully, and the kids “fight” for their chance to sleep in Gran’s room.

Thanks once again for this wonderful appliance.

Yours Sincerely

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

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Terry B


I would just like to let you know that my ASD (Anti Snoring Device) works like a bomb, my wife for the first time can get a full night sleep.

Its great.

Ivor G

Dear Sir

Besides my constant loud snoring which my wife was always complaining about, I always felt tired on waking and had morning headaches.

My wife was also worried that I stopped breathing holding my breath, and only restarting breathing after kicking my legs out, or moving my arms.

By mid afternoon I was ready to go to sleep, and could not concentrate at meetings.

I went for a sleep test and was diagnosed with mild/moderate sleep apnea.

I was told to get a CPAP machine to help my breathing but after discussing this with several people, who had the machine, decided to opt for an oral appliance, as no one was happy about wearing the mask, and the noise of the machine.

However, after being fitted with this wonderful oral appliance, I have no more of these symptoms.

I sleep well, and do not feel at all tired the next day.

I can highly recommend this appliance, and the professional way I was attended to.

Yours Faithfully


Good day Dr. Dave,

I hope I find you well.

I am grateful that I caught you on air with John Robbie on 702 Talk Radio when John was discussing his snoring problem with you.

I listen to John daily and after his (and other callers) positive feedback, I also decided to see you. It is now a week since I started using your anti snoring device and the result is amazing.

You said that due to being overweight the device might result in a guaranteed 70% reduction in snoring, well it is more like 99% according to my wife.

According to her, the snoring is very slight just prior to me going into a deep sleep, thereafter I no longer snore at all.

The device is not uncomfortable to wear at all, it did not bother me from day one.

Following up the lead on John’s web page has changed our lives, especially my wife’s.

I will keep in touch

Kind regards

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