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What does the oral appliance do?2019-02-02T10:12:32+02:00

The appliance consists of two transparent splints, one for each jaw. The lower jaw is held in a forward position by two connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint, causing the throat to open up, by moving the tongue forward. The velocity of the inspired air decreases and so does the vibration (noise) of the soft tissues.

Is it suitable for me?2019-02-02T10:15:27+02:00

The appliance is very successful since in almost all cases the noise involved in snoring is caused by the constriction of the airways. Obesity, alcohol, sleeping pills and antihistamines inhibit the efficacy of the device. The appliance cannot be used with edentulous patients but can be fitted with a well fitting partial denture with standing healthy teeth.

Is it comfortable to wear?2019-02-02T10:16:21+02:00

The appliance is made of soft or hard material that also ensures sufficient stability. Initially the patient may experience some tension in the jaw due to muscle disorientation. This disappears in a short period of time.

How successful is the appliance at reducing snoring?2019-02-02T10:17:22+02:00

Clinical tests have shown that anteriorization of the lower jaw reduces snoring at 90% and may reduce the apnea index at up to 50%

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